Webstay is a complete online reservation and payment management system,specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Even camping grounds and caravan parks use our easy system.

Booking System

Real-time web based bookings

Process Credit Cards

Built in credit card processing using Payfast gateway

Low annual rates

And a free trial period of 30 days

Pricing to fit every pocket

A LOW annual fee (Webstay is not VAT registered) is charged. And did we mention the 30 days, no obligation, no credit card required FREE trial period?

More than 99 units?

Please contact us for a price

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The Webstay system simplified my life”
Jaco Badenhorst

“your Accommodation Booking System is so easy to manage. It has made our daily bookkeeping a pleasure. You are easy availably, just a phone call away in case you are needed is invaluable”
Mabel Schietekat

“Webstay definitely makes my life easier! ”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the bookings?
You as owner of the guesthouse or B&B, or your client via your website’s link to Webstay.
Must I install any software?
No,you don’t need to. Nothing gets installed on your computer, as the Webstay software resides on a secure web server.
What if the server breaks?
The server itself makes daily backups (not guaranteed though), and skilled techies monitors the server 24/7/365 for any problems.
What if I have no internet connection?
Webstay is an online system, and you need internet access to use it.
I don't feel it's safe allowing clients to pay online via credit card.
That’s fine. Webstay allows direct deposits as well, so you are not required to use a payment gateway for online payments via credit card.
What payment options do you offer?
Annually in advance. Webstay is not VAT registered.
Must I list all my rooms with Webstay?
No. You can list one or more rooms as you prefer.
Who can see my bookings?
Only you as you need to login with a username and password to see the bookings. The owner of the establishment can however create more usernames and passwords for employees, and then grant them full or limited access.
Where does my own website fit into this?
We provide you with code to add to your website that will create a button. Your clients can then click on the button and book from your website.
Will Webstay notify me when I receive a booking?
Yes. You will receive an email.
What are the credit card fees?
The rate will be provided by the payment gateway you use.
Do you charge any commission on bookings?
My rates changes every year. Can I change it myself?
Yes. Just login at Webstay and click Setup-> Units.
Can I move a guest from one unit to another?
Is Webstay an accounting system?
No. Only income is captured.
Can Webstay be hacked?
Yes. There is no such thing as a 100% secure online system. However, we do regular backups, so Webstay can be restored if required. This backup is done by our web hosting provider, and is not guaranteed.
Do you have a client contract?
When you place an online order with Webstay, you check a box confirming that you have read, understood and agree to comply with the terms of our contract set forth in our Terms & Conditions. Whilst not required in law, the act of ticking the box is your electronic signature.